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The City of Minneapolis, Mn/DOT and Metro Transit are offering a Ramp-Ride-Fly parking program providing business and recreational travelers a cost-effective alternative to parking at the Minneapolis St/ Paul International Airport. Travelers can make their reservations by completing a simple online form.

Park in downtown Minneapolis at Ramp C and ride the train directly to your terminal.

Get a great rate and guarantee your space when you register online:

Reserve your parking space and provide payment information here.1 An online reservation must be completed at least 72 hours before your departure.

You'll receive a confirmation e-mail. Print a copy and bring it with you to Ramp C.

Park in Ramp C, walk to the nearby Light Rail Train Station, and buy a one-way ticket directly to your terminal.2

Daily parking costs:

Pay just $3 per day at Ramp C (after the first day) with a minimum 3-day stay.3


Days Parked Lindbergh General
w/o ePark
Humphrey Terminal
w/o ePark
Ramp C
7 Days $128.00 $98.00 $28.00
6 Days $108.00 $84.00 $25.00
5 Days $90.00 $70.00 $22.00
4 Days $72.00 $56.00 $19.00
3 Days $54.00 $42.00 $16.00


1 Credit card payment only. We accept Visa or MasterCard. No cash or checks. Your personal information will not be stored.

2 Light Rail tickets must be purchased separately at a one-way cost of $1.75 during non-rush hour and $2.25 during rush hour (6-9 am & 3-6:30 pm M-F). These tickets work as transfers for 2.5 hours and are not considered one-way tickets.

3 Ramp-Ride-Fly parking rates are subject to change and some restrictions may apply. A minimum 3-day stay is required to receive the special daily parking rates. Discounted rates are guaranteed for up to 16 days. Customers should make reservations a minimun of 72 hours, but no longer than 90 days in advance to guarantee a parking space at Ramp C.

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